Friday, November 28, 2008


mmmm.... LOS dan FAUN....!!! :) kalau tgk dari pelakon die pun kite dah sengeh2 cam kerang busuk kan..kan.. ekekekek apetah lagi bile dah tgk nnti?? muahaaa... tgk dri promot die beshh.. citer afdlin shauki ni besanya memang 'sewel' kan.. hahahaha
ptg semlm.. akak aku ade tgk making die kat tv... wahh... teruja lak die kol aku.. ajak gi tgk nnti... eekekek... so, tunggu jer lah.. ek.. 4 dis nie.. sure konfem gi tgk... :) :)

Synopsis :
Los and Faun are close friends who comes from a very poor family in Melaka. Carlos Rodrigo and Ahmad Faun Bin Sulaiman made a decision to find their true life’s destiny in Kuala Lumpur. As soon as the reach there they start searching for their ideal job but due to Faun’s honesty they normally get into trouble and fired at the end of the day. On one particular as the owner of the shop was about to fire them the owner was complaining about how he has misplaced his wallet. All of a sudden Faun had this very strange headache and elaborated in detail where the wallet was located and surprisingly it was true. Los had a brilliant idea out of this new talent Faun has and plans to start a new business service that he will market. Their business gets more and more popular by the day money keeps on flowing like water people keep on asking for their help. From a very small Ad in the newspaper to a televised Ad on the TV and in the radio. One day a Datin caught their Ad on the TV and wanted their service in finding the lost watch of her late husband which is to be valued at RM40 million. As to their excitement in getting such an offer Faun’s ability to get clues on where the lost watch was slowly fading away and couldn’t get the clues. Will they every be millionaires? Will they ever find the watch without Faun’s powers?

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